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the first All-in-One solar system in the world at Enersol (BATTICE)

Clean Energy for Everyday Life with a plug & play solution

The principle of the Smartflower: Simply lay, connect and produce clean energy.

When the sun comes up in the morning, the Smartflower POP opens fully automatically. The installation directs its 18m2 modular solar fan to the sun and begins to generate electricity.

Compared to static rooftop installations, this installation begins to produce current in the quantity that corresponds exactly to daily needs.

Thanks to smart cooling and smart cleaning, the Smartflower POP avoids up to 15% of the usual losses due to heat accumulation and fouling


Ideal when the roof can not effectively be equipped with conventional panels (orientation, aesthetics, rental): Smartflower POP is placed in the garden and can be carried in case of moving.

The Smartflower allows efficient energy production: up to 40% more efficiency thanks to smart tracking, adapted to the electricity needs when they are there.

The POP-E has a built-in 22kw charging station for cars and bicycles.




1 HOUR Smartflower POP

= 1x preparation of the most delicious lasagna of the world
= 15 hours of favorite movies, series or information
= 101 full loads of your smartphone
= 182 hours of escape and reading with LED lighting

1 DAY Smartflower POP

= 3 air conditioning systems – for a summer day and pleasant temperatures throughout the house
= 6x drying clothes – when the clothesline is already full
= 6x crisp bread cooking
= 7x hot showers – with water heater
= 17 laundry washes
= 50 cups of tea – to wake up or relax
= 100 kilometers of clean ride in an electric car

1 YEAR Smartflower POP

= approx. 4,000 kWh – which corresponds to a year of average total consumption of a Central European household.

Soltech distributes the Smartflower in Belgium.


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