Research & Development

Besides engineering and fabrication of customized modules, Research & Development constitute a further core activity of Soltech. Soltech’s commitment to R&D, strong focus on continuous development of novel products and improvement of existing ones allows Soltech to remain competitive in a niche market of customized high added value PV panels.


The research activities focus on testing of any new materials considered for use in photovoltaic panels, the interconnection and lamination of solar cells with all kinds of materials in function of the requested application.

 Soltech has a very flexible production line that allows a mix of R&D, product development, prototyping and dedicated production. Besides early stage R&D and prototyping, Soltech has earned European-wide recognition as the partner of choice in ramping up and early stage manufacturing of innovative photovoltaic module technologies.
Long-standing productive collaborations with research institutions such as IMEC and KULeuven and with innovative industrial partners are taking place.

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