Product development & Prototyping


The main stages of the project will be:

  • Design of the photovoltaic module (plans, technical specifications and datasheets)
  • Design of the overall photovoltaic system
  • Manufacturing of prototypes
  • Flash testing in order to confirm the electric functioning of the photovoltaic module
  • Optional testing in external laboratories supervised by Soltech engineers (mechanical solidity, moisture resistance etc.)
  • Testing of the application by the customer

The delivery of the prototypes is accompanied with a complete report of the test results and with any additional recommendations that which may be proposed by Soltech. The development time of a product can range widely according to its complexity. It could be anywhere up to 18 months.

Soltech has in particular developed for thirds many BIPV products.

Download our Product Development Brochure.

Examples of applications developped and marketed by Soltech

Soltech has already developped and can supply these products:
• a photovoltaic solshade, very aesthetic, named SolShade
• a  photovoltaic guardrail to secure access to flat roofs, named SolGuard
• a complete system fixing photovoltaic panels on flat roofs, named SolRoof
• a very efficient photovoltaic candelabra, named SolLit
• a stand alone lighting solution for common zones of residential buildings, named SolEnergy

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