Photovoltaic sunshade SolShade

With the photovoltaic SolShade sunshade kits, reinforce your responsible and innovative corporate image of environmental protection

Conventional solar protection is simply a structural element fixed over glazing to shade the internal areas from the hot summer sun.

The photovoltaic sunshade SolShade has been designed specifically to perform a solar shading system to protect your building from overheating and the total building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) element generates electricity for your building.

The Solar in solar protection can have two meanings: not only does this system protect your building and its inhabitants from overheating; it transforms the sunlight into electricity your building needs. A real win-win scenario.

SolShade, Bio-incubator project, power 59,85 kWp, Tirlemont (Belgium)
SolShade, Bio-incubator project, power 59,85 kWp, Tirlemont (Belgium)
SAPA Canopy line structures
SAPA Canopy line structures
Solshade Solshade 2


30% discount on your annual energy use.

The application of our photovoltaic sunshade SolShade comes out well when you use its qualities to reduce energy in an office without shading elements.

684_me 685_me
No protection against the sun With protection by awnings (26 photovoltaic modules per awning) – 52 modules of 135 Wp, at 45° from the horizontal, in total 7020 Wp


  • Geographical situation: Lyon
  • Type of building: offices, build in the ‘90’s
  • Dimensions: L 20 x W 10 x H 6,5 m, 2 levels
  • The façade is orientated to the south, aluminium frames with standard isolation, window dimensions are 2m of height and 1m of wide
  • Air-conditioning
  • No coverings (Building, vegetation…)

Annual situation with cooling system

Energy needs Without SolShade  With SolShade
Need of heat 21362 kWh 23105 kWh
Need of cooling 14435 kWh 9506 kWh
Need of lighting 3906 kWh 3625 kWh
Total energy need 39703 kWh 36236 kWh
Days with temperature > 26°C 17 8
PV production of electricity 0 7691 kWh

Finally, the sun shading enabled us to consume less (3.467 kWh) and to produce 7691 kWh. This gives a total saving of 11158 kWh.

SolShade delivers a full set of benefits:

  • Cost-effective, building-integrated solution
  • Minimal additional costs of construction, An easy addition to your existing building
  • Modular form enables layout flexibility to match the position of your building’s glazing, while always employing the same cost-effective standard element
  • Product guaranty for 10 years, toughened glass structure, high damage resistance
  • Performance guaranty for 20 years

Fixing Structure


The mounting structure has been developed in partnership with SAPA, expert in aluminium profiles and world leader in aluminium solutions.


Our standard solution consists of a simple, lightweight right-angle frame in aluminium, with the modules fixed into place by a clip system, removing the need for a full aluminium framework, saving on materials and making the system more compact for delivery to site and easy installation.

Certifications and standards

The SolShade sunshade is certified as a functional PV-element according to the standards, because the biglass panels are SolSky® laminates.

Besides the 10 year product guarantee performance guarantee is defined as follows:

  • 10 years minimum 90% of nominal power
  • 20 years minimum 80% of nominal power

Price of our range of pre-designed system sizes (private and professional)

The Sol Shade system is specified in a range of pre-designed system sizes, enabling the following advantages:  

  • Allows you to make a quick assessment of what performance you can expect for your building
  • Inverters, electrical connections; cable size, length and housing all pre-specified to the neatest, most compact solution
  • Your total system can be comprised of multiples of a standard option or even a mix to achieve the best fit

Of course, it is always possible to study other, specific cases.


Kit Panels Power Inverter Length
XS 8 1440 Wp SMA 1200 9,6 m
S 10 1800 Wp SMA 1700 12 m
M 12 2160 Wp SMA 2000HF 14,4 m
L 14 2520 Wp SMA 2500HF 16,8 m
XL 16 2880 Wp SMA 3000 19,2 m
XXL 18 3240 Wp SMA 3000 21,6 m

To determine the exact price of your project, you can contact us by using the email address written below.

We will study with pleasure your photovoltaic sunshade project in order to propose you a solution that satisfies your needs.

SolShade, an intelligent and sustainable solution for energy and comfort

This sunshade:

  • Protects your building
  • Accords to the glass standards
  • Reduces the use of air-conditioning
  • Produces electricity
  • Is a part of sustainable development, a real advantage for your business communication

Download here the Solshade brochure.

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