Insulated glass

Solsky laminate glass can be compared  with classical insulating glass (double glazing could reach a thermal transmission of 1,1 W/(m².K) and a triple isolating glazing can decrease it till 0,6 W/(m².K)).

Canopy by Turbowinds, surface 60 m², power 6 kWp (Belgium)

Canopy by Turbowinds, surface 60 m², power 6 kWp (Belgium)

Facade of Eau de Paris, surface 630 m², power 75,75 kWp in Orly (France)

Facade of Eau de Paris, surface 630 m², power 75,75 kWp in Orly (France)

Main characteristics of SolSky® modules:

  • Certified as a flat safety glass, highest class 1B1, integrating solar cells in external laminate, highest class 1B1
  • Polycristalline and monocristalline solar cells (including full-squared monocristalline cells)
  • High performance insulations, with a U value reaching 1,1W/(m².K) for double glazing and 0,6W/(m².K) for triple glazing
  • Dimensions of glazing from 400 x 400 mm to 2.000 x 3.000 mm
  • All shapes/sizes potentially possible!
  • Light Transmission: from 5 to 90%, depending on cells density
  • Power: from 14 to 926 Wp (STC conditions), according to required dimensions and light transmission
  • Nominal power tolerance: +/-5% ou positive -0/+10%
  • DC edge connectors with integrated by-pass diode or backside junction box
  • Product warranty: 10 years
  • Product performance: delivers more than 90% of the nominal power after 10 years, 80% after 20 years

SolSky® certificates

Whatever the size and nominal power to be delivered by panels, all our laminates carry full certification:

  • Certified  as functional and well-designed photovoltaic element: IEC/EN 61215 and IEC/EN 61730-1 and 61730-2) with periodic factory inspection )
  • Certified as a building construction product: EN 12543-4 (laminate durability, high temperature resistance test, climate chamber test and aging under UV radiations) and EN12600 (impact resistance test, reached the level class 1B1 of safety glazings)

Consequently, the product and the production process is CE-compliant according to EN12543 part 1 to 6 and EN14449.

You can download our technical specifications of our CE certificate for single laminates.

Any questions, need of further information?

Please contact us for any further information on our SolSky panels. It will be a pleasure to bring you our support.

You can also download the SolSky Brochure here.


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