30 years of Soltech

Soltech was established in 1989 as a spin-off from IMEC, a European and world leading independent research center in Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnology.

Pioneers from the very beginning of the solar industry, Soltech initially made photovoltaic cells which it assembled in modular form by hand. However at the beginning of 2000, the development of the PV market began to expand rapidly across Europe and a decision was taken to establish a dedicated Photovoltaic Solar Cell manufacturing facility and so we formed a sister company, PHOTOVOLTECH, to undertake this production, leaving Soltech to continue building custom panels.

Thanks to continual participation in European solar research projects alongside IMEC, Soltech continued to acquire many years of valuable, hands-on experience within the industry.

In March 2008, to cater for its expanding growth, Soltech moved into a new manufacturing facility in the industrial park West-Grijpen of Tiennen, Belgium and in 2012 the Photovoltech business was merged/ taken over by Soltech.


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