Soltech is a long established Belgian company, a pioneer in Photovoltaic (PV) solar energy. In 1989 we designed our first stand-alone PV systems and as long ago as 1993, Soltech installed the first PV roof installation connected to the mains electricity grid in Belgium.

Soltech manufactures fully customised PV cells and panels for special architectural and other one-off applications.

Do you have a PV installation which requires custom-made cells or panels – shapes, sizes or colours ?  Perhaps you are also looking to add aesthetic value to your building? Soltech can help you to customise your PV installations when special shapes, dimensions and even colours of solar cells or panels are required.
Our SolSky® modules, in laminated or insulated glass, can be custom-made to meet the exact needs of any project. These material compositions provide excellent thermal, insulating and accoustical properties. Once product designs are complete, we can produce prototypes in our own manufacturing facility in Belgium. All our materials and installations meet national and international industry standards.

Soltech designs off-grid, stand-alone PV systems.

Soltech’s PV panels are already integrated into solar powered street lighting, into parking meters, traffic signals, bus stops and in many other important roles across Europe and North America. You will find our most durable PV component models in situations such as sea buoys and remote IT transmitter systems. We make stand-alone PV systems specifically for developing countries where water pumping, storage and distribution is desperately needed; for basic lighting and cooling in remote medical centers and villages where no electrical power exists.
Soltech offers to provide its full technical expertise to study the feasibility of any project and define its individual requirements. Testing of any new materials considered for use in photovoltaic panels are also one of our established skills.

Today our references are abundant.



Isolating glazings for

2012: Isolating glazings for “Carreaux du temple” project,
surface 600 m², power 28,56 kWp in Paris (France)

Kamp C facade by IMEC, surface 200 m², power 18 kWp (Belgium)

2006: Kamp C, surface 200 m², power 18 kWp (Belgium).

Mobile healthcenters supplied by Soltech Panels.

2002: Mobile healthcenters supplied by Soltech Panels (Africa).